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Preconception Screening

What’s included

Free Optional Pre-test Counselling: A pre-test phone, video or in-person counselling session with one of our expert counsellors who can address all your questions about preconception and how best to mitigate the risks involved in conception and having a baby.

High-quality testing: high-quality testing of your preconception health, primarily via some basic blood and urine tests. If deemed necessary, our Counsellors may recommend further genetic testing which is available at an additional charge.

Report: An easy-to-understand report of your test results.

Free Optional Post-Test Counselling: Post-test consultation with an expert GeneClinicX Counsellor (or Geneticist, if required) who can simply and easily explain your test results and, if required, help you with any next steps, including by referring you to a GeneClinicX preferred gynaecologist with whom you can continue exploring treatment options

If your test results warrant it our medical consultant may recommend additional, more advanced genetic testing for you to consider. These tests are available at an additional charge.

If you still have questions about this service or whether it's right for you, please check out these FAQs. You may also want to book a free pre-test counselling session with one of our expert counsellors through our website chat or by calling +91-20-7153-1631

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