Boost – GeneClinicX


This 3-month lifestyle management program is designed to help you optimize your metabolism, reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes, and improve your overall heart health. It is also right for you if you also want to lose up to 5 kilos in weight and about 2” around your waist.
  • This is a lifestyle management program that will also help lower your risk of developing diabetes.
  • If you are already diabetic, it will help improve the management of your condition.
  • Over the 3-months of the program you will wear 2 CGMs, for a period of 14 days each.
  • We’ll start you off with a lipid profile test, a Body Composition Analysis (BCA), an ECG trace and a measurement of your blood pressure at your preferred location.
  • You will receive 1 medical consultation and 7 lifestyle coaching sessions.
  • Message our coaches anytime with your questions and for any additional support you might need.
  • Price: Rs. 16,000 including all taxes