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Corporate Program

What is it?
It is a scientific and sustainable app-based program - iOS and Android - designed to help users learn simple yet effective habits related to diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management to improve their health:
  • Scientific: because it is developed based on sound medical and scientific evidence, in close collaboration with cardiologists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, lipidologists, geneticists and clinical nutritionists.
  • Sustainable: because the focus in on teaching simple, easy-to-implement habits that continue to work long after the program ends.
The program is gamified to encourage employee awareness, education, participation, and lifestyle modification to achieve better health outcomes. Its primary objective is to fast-track the adoption of new healthy habits (that displace existing poor lifestyle choices) such that they become part of how your employees live their lives. Coaching is delivered on an as required basis via a Q&A process built into the app. Unlike with several of our Individual Programs, the Corporate Program does not require or depend on the use of any medical devices, including Continuous Glucose Monitors, to broaden participation and keep keep costs low.

Who is it for?
  • Millennials care more about their health and living healthy lives than any previous generation
  • Workers are increasingly choosing employers who clearly demonstrate, by their actions, that they are investing in their employees, beyond a monthly paycheque
  • Similarly, progressive companies are investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees to differentiate themselves and attract the best talent
  • If improved employee health and engagement are a priority for you, then this program is worth pursuing
The program includes:
  • A 3-month initial team and individual performance-based program, followed by monthly individual contests
  • Employees self-report habit adherence within the app and receive points for completion and bonus points for other desired behaviours
  • Built-in competitions which encourage employees to compete against each other to develop healthy habits, supported by the publication of weekly Team and Individual Leaderboards
  • The employer receives monthly reports on program progress based on employee self-reported data, supplemented by regular Body Composition Analysis (BCA) Camps organized at your offices
Indicative results to date:
  • 83% of participants adhered to all prescribed habits > 90% of the time
  • 80% reported higher energy levels
  • 75% reported improved mental health
Here’s what some recent Members are saying:
  • “I always wanted to lose weight and waist circumference. This program is really helping motivate me in achieving my goals. I have also stopped eating outside food” - Yogita D, 25
  • “Through this challenge we now know that healthy eating when done together as a team is so much fun! The biggest challenge for me is eating a fruit (since I detest them from the bottom of my heart). This is the first time ever I have eaten a fruit for straight 8 days! And my mother-in-law is most thrilled about this :) Looking forward to making these small changes in my lifestyle which will help me achieve bigger fitness goals” Kavita K, 45
  • Rs. 40,000 per month (excluding applicable taxes) for up to 100 employees, plus Rs. 400 for each additional employee thereafter
  • We recommend starting with a 3-month pilot program (minimum duration) to evaluate the impact, followed by annual 12-month renewals thereafter
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