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Call 9607-3000-10 or email us at info@geneclinicx.com to sign-up and book your home visit appointment. Then complete an online Medical History form to provide us with the information necessary for meaningful medical counselling.

We will come to your location to collect your blood to determine your lipid profile, complete a Body Composition Analysis (BCA), run an ECG trace, set you up on a simple and easy to use online Lifestyle Diary to monitor your food intake and exercise pattern and put you on a Continuous Glucose Monitor sensor (CGM).

A GeneClinicX doctor will counsel you online or over the phone and will explain the results of your blood test and ECG, including any parameters that may require special attention. You will also receive a clinical summary report after your session that will include a personalised link to a Health Assessment Survey that you will need to complete prior to your first coaching session.

During the 2-week CGM monitoring sessions we will visit you 3 times, once every 5 days, to read your CGM sensor (it takes less than a minute each time and it is critical to the success of your health outcomes that you make yourself easily accessible for this purpose). Your Coach will subsequently meet with you online to discuss your results and recommend further lifestyle changes that will help you understand and optimise your blood glucose response. After every coaching session you will receive a report that details the various recommendations made and agreed to.

If you decide to do either the Boost or Thrive programs the 2-weeks of CGM-specific coaching is followed by lifestyle coaching sessions around diet, sleep and exercise modification to help you achieve optimal heart health.

geneclinicx app

The GeneClinicX App

The GeneClinicX app is free to use with any of our plans, and you'll have access to your data and loads of great health information

Track all aspects of your lifestyle in one place:
  • Real-Time Glucose Tracking
  • Meal Composition Data
  • Fasting and Meal Timing
  • Physical Activity and Exercise Routines
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Habits and Routines

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Indians, or persons of South Asian origin more generally, have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than any other ethnic group.


Our Team of Expert Dietitians

Data can be hard to comprehend. That’s why our trained experts will analyze it for you, ensuring you understand the results that can optimize your glucose levels to meet your health goals.

Our trained dietitians are ready to support any dietary lifestyle that you follow.
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