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Kavita's Story


Dr. Kavita Khatod

After graduating from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY, I started working in the area of Clinical trials in Oncology at Cooper University Hospital, NJ. There, I was interacting with cancer patients and their families on a daily basis. They always had a lot of general questions. I realised they needed someone who could impart proper knowledge to them regarding their investigations, treatment and overall management including supportive care - someone to help them put together their own jigsaw puzzle. After moving back to India, I worked with Dr. Nikhil Phadke to set up Causeway Healthcare which has now evolved to GenePath Diagnostics. In the course of the last 12 years, having spoken to and/or counselled several patient families with genetic disorders, my realization of the need to educate the patients about the correct course of management became even stronger. Based on their family history, it is important to inform them about the reasons for getting the genetic testing done and how the results could help not only their immediate family members but also their future generations. This is critical especially for expectant parents who have had problems in past pregnancies or families where there have been consanguineous marriages, or families with a history of hereditary cancer. I hope to bring a level of confidence among patients coming to GeneClinicX and make this place a single point of contact for them to guide them with the correct line of treatment and help them get some peace of mind.

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