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Meenal's Story


Dr. Meenal Agarwal

As a practicing Clinical Geneticist for over 10 years, I realized that in India, the biggest barrier for access to genetic diagnosis and counselling services remain the lack of awareness (among medical personnel and laymen both) as well as paucity of centers which can provide diagnosis, testing and counselling under the same roof. Even after three decades of genomic services in India and many genetics laboratories in the country, questions like whether I should get tested or not, where I should get tested, how I would make sense of a genetic report or how a genetic report can change my life etc. still remain. Moreover, once thought to be associated only with “rare” or “research” situations, genetic (or molecular) testing has entered into almost every medical specialty (from rare diseases to common problems like infections and cancers) providing accurate and many a times an earlier diagnosis, thus helping families to take informed decisions. GeneClinicX, is a sincere effort for fulfilling these lacunae, creating awareness for genetic disorders, being a one stop solution for queries related to genetic testing and building a unique comprehensive center for genetic diagnosis, testing and genetic counselling services. With a friendly layout, anyone can reach out to us with their queries related to genetic testing and we will try our best to resolve them.

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