Eat Right.
Get Heart Healthy.
Lose Weight.
Reverse Diabetes.
It’s what we help you do.

If you have a diagnosed heart condition, or want to lose weight and keep it off, or if avoiding or reversing diabetes is your goal, or if you just want to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re different … and proud of it!

There is no single diet plan that works for everyone, just as there is no single diabetes reversal plan or weight loss plan that is universally successful. We’re all genetically different and so are our health challenges and the solutions to them.

We know this first-hand because many of us on the GeneClinicX team have had our own personal struggles with frustrating weight gain, unexpected heart disease, unexpectedly becoming pre-diabetic, or just being exhausted in the middle of the day and not knowing why. And we were just plain tired of “personalized solutions” that were neither personalized nor a solution to our respective problems. We’d also had enough of the many “money-back guaranteed” pitches that required us to make major lifestyle changes that weren’t sustainable in the long run. And that’s why we developed our own unique approach to solving these problems.

First, we really want to understand your current health challenges, metabolic parameters, your body’s glucose response to the food you eat, your exercise routine, and your sleep pattern.

Then, working in close collaboration with cardiologists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, lipidologists, geneticists, and leveraging on our knowledgebase comprised of millions of data points across different types of biosensors and hundreds of users, we frame specific and personalized solutions for each participant.

Finally, we bring in the human touch of a clinical dietitian (Coach), who will be by your side, every step of the way. With the encouragement and personal advice that is critical to the success of your health improvement journey, combined with our Personalized Habits System, you will develop new incremental healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable in the long term.

And the results our participants are experiencing make it all worthwhile!