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Food Basket Learn More ...


There is no easy way to check if a snack is good for you. Deciding to consume a snack by reviewing a nutrition label alone is not sufficient because our varied body types and health conditions cause us to process the same foods differently. This is where the Super Snacks Basket comes in.


Based on research we’ve done on more than 20,000 food data points (and growing every day) across participants of both genders, ages (18 to 83), BMIs, and different metabolic health profiles (HbA1c, cholesterol, triglyceride levels, etc.), we’ve determined the most optimal nutrition and glycemic response parameters that enable us to know whether a snack is healthy or not. At GeneClinicX, we’ve then used this data to curate a basket of fun, tasty and healthy snacks because there is no reason that snacking can’t be healthy AND tasty!