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Sawita's Story

Sawita Marathe

Back in July of 1992, I lost my mother to breast cancer. She was only 43. The two-year journey was long, overwhelming and painful. Right from getting a diagnosis, to getting the right treatment was so challenging. Science has now made progress in leaps and bounds, and today's screening and treatment strategies have led to prevention and early detection of numerous diseases, leading to better prognosis. However even today, people are not always aware of these wonders of modern medicine.

Hence I am excited to be part of the GeneClinicX team which has a shared passion for empowering people to make informed decisions on getting themselves screened or diagnosed using accurate DNA based testing. This will help prevent unnecessary heartache to themselves and their families that my family had to go through. We treat every individual as we would our own family members. Compassion, combined with cutting edge technology, and our supporting team of expert doctors and scientists, is the right formula to impact lives positively.

GeneClinicX is my way to honour my mother.


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