Participant Testimonials

Ashish Malpani,

Director Malpani Group, India

As a fitness enthusiast eager to elevate my wellness, and with a family history of diabetes, I was really interested to do the GeneClinicX CGM-based Should I Eat This? Program.

My experience was nothing short of eye-popping! I learned so much about my body, but it was being able to understand - almost in real time - how my diet and exercise routines impacted my blood glucose levels that was simply amazing.

So many of the foods that I expected would work for me led to surprising sugar spikes instead. A key insight I gathered was how simply altering the order of my meals significantly reduced my glucose response. Or how even a 10 minute walk after a meal had a similar impact. Eating fiber first has now become an integral part of all my meals. Through this journey, I've come to understand the art of eating healthier, smarter, and with improved satiety, all of which has greatly improved my overall wellness.

I was so impressed with what I learned that I immediately signed-up for the Gold Healthspan Membership Program. With the informed guidance of my Coach, I then created an optimal meal plan tailored specifically for me.Subsequently, despite undergoing surgery resulting from an accident, my Coach's unwavering support helped me stay motivated, disciplined and on track. 

Thanks to the Program, I maintained my weight and overall health during this challenging period. The two GeneClinicX programs, coupled with the expertise of my personal lifestyle coach, has truly revolutionized my approach to fitness and nutrition.