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If you’re interested in a scientific data-driven and personalized approach to understanding your metabolic and heart health or, if you’re looking to achieve optimal health through weight loss or some other lifestyle improvement goal, then this is the program for you.

With the guidance of your personal Coach, a GeneClinicX certified expert in diet and nutrition, this program will enable you to realise your goals by making minimal yet sustainable lifestyle changes to optimise your health, including your very own meal plan.

The program is administered in two phases, each of which has distinctly different objectives described below.

Phase 1: Can I Eat This?

This is the 2-week diagnostic and experimentation phase during which you will wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor (CGMS). You will begin to learn how your body is responding to your current diet and exercise regimen. You can also experiment with various other foods that you’ve always wanted to try. Through an online counselling session and two lifestyle coaching sessions, your Coach will teach you how to interpret your glucose response graphs and suggest a few simple modifications to help you optimize your glucose response results. The insights gained from this stage will allow you to set your weight loss goal or any other lifestyle improvement goals, together with your Coach, for phase 2 of the program.

Phase 2: Lose it!

During this phase we will focus on improving the goal you picked at the end of Phase 1 in consultation with your Coach. This could be a weight loss goal or any combination of lifestyle improvement goals, including a reduction in your waist circumference, lower cholesterol levels, etc. Through a personalized meal plan, hour-long monthly coaching sessions, and a minimal number of key yet sustainable modifications to your existing lifestyle habits, your Coach will help you achieve your goals. The duration of this Phase (3, 6 or 12 months), hence, depends on your specific goals.

Help us ensure the success of your Program

We’ve taken care of all the details to ensure that you have a quality experience with GeneClinicX. However, your success is also dependent on the quality of your participation and engagement. To ensure you achieve your objectives and enjoy the experience, we request the following:

  • Diligently record the food and drink you consume as well as your exercise routine, in the GeneClinicX app. Make sure you enter the time correctly!
  • Please make every effort to be available for the few required interactions with us during the program, all of which will be scheduled in advance and in consultation with you. These include:
  • Permitting us to take your sensor readings
  • Attending your online counselling and lifestyle coaching sessions as per the agreed schedule and on a priority basis
  • Please use the chat feature in the app for any support you may require from the GeneClinicX Health Desk.
  • The higher your commitment and dedication to the overall structure of the program, the more likely you will be to reap its true and intended benefits.
  • Send us an email at or call or WhatsApp us on +91 96073 00010 to take charge of your health today by registering for the GeneClinicX program.
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  • The completion of phase 1 is a prerequisite for registering for phase 2
  • The prices for phase 2 are effective only if you register for it within 30 days of your last phase 1 coaching session
  • The scheduling of coaching sessions is subject to the schedule and availability of your Coach
  • CGMS installations and readings, and coaching sessions that are not rescheduled at least 48 hours prior to their prescheduled time will be forsaken.