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We’re high on healthy habits!

If you’ve tried and failed to achieve your health improvement goals before, it isn’t because your goals are wrong; it’s because you don’t have a system of habits to help achieve them. Similarly, bad habits keep repeating themselves, not because you don’t want to change, but because you don’t have the right system for change. We will help you build the right systems for developing good habits and eliminating bad ones for the rest of your days.

Understanding the key myths around setting goals, achieving them, and the role habits play will help you better appreciate what you’ll experience as you go through one of our programs. You’ll also see how critical the role of your Coach is in keeping you grounded, motivated, and focused on achieving your desired results.

Myth #1: The best way to achieve what you want in life is to set specific, actionable goals
Goals help set direction, but results have very little to do with the goals you set, and nearly everything to do with the processes that lead to the results. Without the right system in place to deliver a series of continuous and small improvements, the achievement of results becomes random and unpredictable.

Myth #2: Big goals can only be achieved with big plans and by making big changes
Big goals are most likely to be achieved when your system layers one win on top of another to generate a compounding impact of positive results. It’s also why one of our key mantras is “Small Changes, Big Differences” – the small changes keep compounding to make a big difference.

Myth #3: Progress is a 45-degree linear line graph
Patience is a virtue when it comes to achieving your health improvement goals. Expect some bumps and plateaus along the way. Your new habits will seem ineffective in the first few days and weeks. You’ll feel like you’re not going anywhere fast. But don’t be fooled. Change takes a while, before it happens all at once.

Myth #4: Once I achieve my goal, then I’m done
Accomplishing goals is rewarding, but that isn’t the end. Building a system of habits enables you to play the long game. Our goal is not to just help you achieve your current goals, but to teach you how to develop an endless cycle of habits that enable refinement and continuous improvement long after your program with us has concluded.

So, join us and get high on healthy habits too!
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