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Decoding the Secrets of Food

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Decoding the Secrets of Food

Learn how glucose spikes affect your weight, risk of diabetes, and your sleep, mood, and cravings

Is this program for me?

If you’ve ever experienced a “healthy diet” that was not fun and that you’re not currently following, then you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, but there really is a right way to eat that can be healthy, fun, and can easily become the way you live!

  • What you eat, the combination of foods you consume, the sequence in which you eat them, the number of meals you eat a day, and the quantity you consume at each one, all combine to determine how healthy you can be
  • The right way to eat also varies by individual because our genes and family history play a role, albeit a less significant one, in determining how our bodies react to the food we eat

    This program is unlike any conventional diet consultation you’ve ever experienced!

    What you get:

    • In this single, power-packed session you’ll learn from an expert dietician why glucose spikes matter, how they affect body weight and the ability to lose it, the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and how these spikes impact your sleep, moods, and cravings
    • Drawing on the scientifically curated glucose response information in our food database, gathered from past participants who have consumed many thousands of food items and meal combinations, your coach will share real-world examples of how to enjoy the types of foods you like to eat
    • You’ll also learn ways to better manage the glucose spikes your food choices cause so that you can improve your glycemic variability and, hence, your overall health

     What you won’t get:

    • You won’t receive a generic, off-the-shelf meal plan which isn’t going to work for you anyway. Instead, you’ll learn about the impact the foods you eat have on you
    • You’re not going to be told what you can’t do. Rather, you’ll find out the best way to eat what you want to