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Reverse Diabetes

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Reverse Diabetes

Start your diabetes reversal journey with this 3-month CGM sensor-based program

Is this program for me?

  • Frustrated that you haven’t yet found the right diabetes management program for you?
  • Wondering if your diabetes can be reversed?
  • Sick and tired of being on overly restrictive diets that you can’t stick to?
  • Do you miss having an expert to talk with who is both supportive and able to guide you in your diabetes reversal journey?

If you’re reading this and bells are going off in your head and lights are flashing before your eyes, then we encourage you to read on.

This program is different because it’s:

  • Personalized: you will wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensor for 14 days, which will measure your specific and personal glucose response data to the foods you eat
  • Scientific: your Coach will use this data to develop weekly diabetes-friendly meal plans for you, based on the foods you like to eat and on your personal diabetes reversal goal and timeline
  • Sustainable: because it is neither restrictive nor drastic, and so your successes can be long-term if you follow the plan

This is your very own personalized diabetes reversal program and it’s going to help you do just that

What you get

  • 8 online sessions with your GeneClinicX certified dietitian (your Coach) over 3 months that will focus on reducing the number and size of your glucose spikes to optimize your metabolic health
  • Learn several surprising insights about how the combination of foods you choose and the sequence in which you consume them impacts your blood glucose levels and your diabetes
  • 2 blood tests and 2 medical consultations with a GeneClinicX doctor, 1 of each at the beginning of the program and the other set upon its conclusion
  • 1 CGM sensor which you will self-install, activate and scan using your NFC-enabled smartphone so that you can view your glucose graphs in the GeneClinicX app
  • The GeneClinicX app to log your meals and exercise activity
  • Access to a diet plan made especially for you, based on the foods you like to eat
  • Continually engage with your Coach to optimize this plan so that it is always working towards reversing your diabetes