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My Health Genie Program (Monthly Subscription)

My Health Genie Program
(Monthly Subscription)

For less than the price of one fancy coffee a month, get 7x24 access to certified diet and clinical practitioners who will answer all your diet and general health-related questions over our app*
Is this program for me?
Sign-up to this monthly subscription program if you’re seeking ongoing expert, unbiased and actionable guidance to help:
  • Manage an existing illness, or
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, or
  • Continue your progress after having already completed a GeneClinicX program, or
  • If you want to give us a try before committing to a longer-term health improvement program
What will I get?
  • Ask our expert clinical dietitians (Coaches) all your diet and health-related questions over the GeneClinicX app and get simple, carefully researched, and practical responses
  • Stay up to date with our latest thoughts and insights about general health and glucose spike-related issues
  • Try out our GeneClinicX tested and certified healthy recipes and fun food ideas
  • Access both our internally created and externally curated nutrition-related expert knowledge database
  • Select the lifestyle improvement habits that you want to adopt and track your progress against your goals
* : Questions will be responded to within 4 hours of receipt during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday, 9am to 7pm IST (Indian Standard Time). Questions received during non-business hours will be responded to within 4 hours of opening on the next business day.

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