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We help you improve your healthspan – your quality of life as you age – while also increasing your lifespan, by recommending scientifically and medically proven, personalized, and actionable lifestyle modifications that are long-term sustainable.

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Heart Health Assessment

Did you know that a staggering 50% of individuals who suffer a heart attack have "normal" blood test results?

Do the Heart Health Assessment from the comfort of your home to learn where you stand on the metrics that matter and what they mean for you.

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Healthspan Membership Programs

Did you know that the factors impacting your healthspan – heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancers, etc. are influenced by your lifestyle habits?

Choose our Healthspan Membership Program to get personalized food and exercise recommendations, messaging access to a dietitian, fitness guru, and other experts through our app.

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Should I Eat This?

Did you know that your body experiences a unique series of blood glucose responses to your food, exercise, sleep, and stress inputs, regardless of your genetic profile?

Gain insights into your body’s inner workings using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and, with the help of our experts, learn those lifestyle habit tweaks that you can make to optimize them.

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Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Understand your cardiovascular risk in just a few minutes. This easy-to-use tool will provide you with a preliminary assessment of your cardiovascular risk. It takes into account both modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors, giving you a thorough understanding of your heart health. Take the first step towards a healthier heart and a brighter future.

  • Triglycerides

    Represents fat circulating in the bloodstream; sensitive to lifestyle changes

  • Non HDL-C

    Encompasses cholesterol carried by all atherogenic particles; not just LDL-C

  • Apoliprotein B (ApoB)

    Identifies # of non-HDL-C carrying particles; indicator of cardiovascular disease risk

  • Reducing your RHR through cold therapy and breathing techniques

  • Improving HRV through better activity management

  • Improving your exercise related glucose spikes through pre-exercise meals

  • "Continuous conversations with my coach coupled with data from the CGM helped me achieve my goals"

    -Annie Yeh, Administrator

  • "As a doctor, I am quite skeptical of health claims. Having experienced it myself, I can vouch for it!"

    -Dr. Pallavi Kulkarni, Doctor

  • "Combining science-based insights with domain experts is what made me comfortable signing up to this program.”

    -Risto Lahdesmaki, Designer

Dr. Rashida Melinkeri

Clinical Program Director

Core Committee Member - Lipid Association of India

First doctor in India to get Lipidology Certification

Sneha Raje

Sports Nutrition Specialist
Participant NPS of >90% in the last 2 years

Nandita Bal

Yoga Wellness Specialist

International Yoga Wellness Instructor Level 2

Shraddha Adsul

Dietitian & Research Head
Research support for one of the top clinicians - India

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