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“I’m so glad I joined the GeneClinicX program. The program has enabled me to eat all the things l love with the appropriate guidance from my coach and my sensor. Small changes have made a big difference.” 

Mohit Gundecha

“GeneClinicX helped me understand how my body was reacting to intermittent fasting. I now enjoy my breakfast and I have lost 5 kgs effortlessly.”

Mangesh Panditrao

"GeneClinicX’s program helped me lose almost 10 kgs while making only small changes. I have been able to sustain that weight loss 3 months later. This is so empowering!"

Suchita Shroff

"A combination of my data together with my coaching sessions have helped me better manage the effects of food and exercise on my blood glucose patterns, thereby also improving my heart health.”

Sonali Mundkur

"The GeneClinicX program helped me effectively manage my diabetes without requiring drastic changes. My HbA1c has dropped significantly.

Apurva Desai

Why do glucose spikes matter?

The foods we consume cause blood glucose spikes. However, due to differences in our genetics, the same foods can cause very different spikes in different people. Managing the number, intensity and duration of glucose spikes have been proven to reduce the likelihood of becoming afflicted with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

Weight Loss Program

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How do glucose spikes affect body weight and weight loss?

When we consume food, glucose enters our bloodstream and triggers insulin to be released by the pancreas. Insulin helps blood glucose enter the cells, where it is used as a source of energy. Any extra glucose is stored in the liver and in muscles...

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Diabetes Care

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How do blood glucose spikes lead to diabetes?

Most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, and when glucose builds up in the bloodstream it causes blood glucose spikes. For people with diabetes, this happens because of the body’s inability to properly use glucose...

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Should I Eat This?

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Why we use a CGM Sensor

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