About Us

Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar

M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - University of California, Berkeley

The Founder And Inspiration Behind GeneClinicX.

Dire and unexpected news about his health situation 8 years ago drove Nickhil to search for the right, lasting solutions to his problems.  He began by conducting several experiments on himself, leveraging the latest medical and scientific knowledge, coupled with data from wearables, including the Oura Ring, Fitbit, Whoop Band, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM). He also started tracking all his meals and exercise activity, and in consultation with his doctors and nutritionists, as well as the team at the South Asian Heart Centre in California, began a remarkable turnaround journey.

Nickhil has been able to successfully reduce his:

  • LDL cholesterol levels by > 40%
  • ApoB by > 50%
  • Triglyceride levels by > 70%
  • Weight by > 10%
  • Resting Heart Rate to ~40 bpm
  • Peak Heart Rate Variability from 70 ms to 135 ms, and
  • His biological age, per epigenetic test results, has him at 41 years of age - not
    bad for a 51-year-old!

And while he still indulges in his favorite treats, including Ghirardelli ice-cream, baklava and gulab jamun, all of Nickhil’s metabolic health parameters are at their best levels ever! The key to doing this sustainably, Nickhil believes, is by following scientifically and medically known methods to hack the system, and not by trying to make major changes and sacrifices that aren’t sustainable. He has now made it his mission to share his learnings with everyone interested in proactively increasing their lifespan while also improving their healthspan.

Come and join the thousands of people who have already benefited from his approach.

Dr. Rashida Melinkeri

Consultant Physician, DNB - Internal Medicine Lipidology certification (LAI), Trained at Royal Free Hospital UK

Reg No 86306, Additional Qualification No 2466/2020

Clinical Program Director at GeneClinicX

An internal medicine doctor by training, Dr. Melinkeri is a lipidologist who is focused on the prevention and management of metabolic disorders and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. She has been a tireless advocate for increasing awareness about these through regular screening and inculcating better habits in over twenty awareness camps. Over the last nineteen years, Dr. Melinkeri has been a valued member of the medical community associated with prestigious institutions like
KEM Hospital and Sahyadri Hospital as well as the Lipid Clinic and the Melinkeri Clinic in Pune, having managed more than 8,000 patients to-date. Notably, she has made significant contributions to healthcare as a member of the committee responsible for shaping the consensus statement for the management of dyslipidemia in Indians.

At GeneClinicX, Dr. Melinkeri is focused on creating a medical and scientifically based approach to personalized care by combining her clinical expertise with the domain knowledge of our team of dietitians and fitness experts. Under her leadership as the Chief Consulting Clinician at GeneClinicX, almost a thousand people have taken major strides towards improved metabolic health in just the last two years. Given the large number of patients that she has positively impacted, it is no wonder that her WhatsApp mailbox is one of the busiest places on earth after Bengaluru airport.

Dr. Swapna Gadgil Gambhir

Consultant Anaesthesiologist
Lifestyle Medicine Physician
GeneClinicX Expert Council Advisory Board Member

Swapna started her journey into the world of Medicine in BJ Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune, India. After completing her MBBS, MD and DNB in Anesthesiology, Swapna went to the UK, where she completed higher training in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. Swapna continues to work as a Consultant in the UK National Health Service since the last 15 years.

Swapna’s journey into Lifestyle Medicine has been a fascinating evolution which began 7 years ago when she certified as a Dance fitness instructor and started conducting fitness classes for charity. Her experiences during the Covid pandemic triggered a renewed interest in health and well-being.

Motivated by the belief that true healthcare extends beyond treating illness to fostering overall wellness, Swapna completed her IBLM recognized Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Her commitment to Holistic Health has now moved beyond the hospital setting as she is actively engaged in community health initiatives, workshops and educational programs.

Swapna found her Ikigai in empowering people to take proactive  control of their health in order to  improve their quality of life. Helping people make sustainable lifestyle choices to prevent, manage and reverse chronic health conditions whilst still enjoying a vibrant and fulfilling life is what gives Swapna immense satisfaction. 

Swapna’s contribution at GeneClinicX is multifold, in a clinical, strategic and organisational capacity. Along with internationally recognized qualifications in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, she brings in a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to person centered care.

Dr. Geeta Dharmatti 

M.Sc, Ph.D, Registered Dietitian

Clinical Nutritionist

Expert in Nutrigenomics and Gut Health  

GeneClinicX Expert Council Advisory Board Member

Dr. Geeta Dharmatti is a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist, having served as Past Chapter President of the Indian Dietetic Association of the Pune Chapter. She has had numerous publications and is a professor at various universities. Dr. Dharmatti’s focus over the years has been on using data from the human genome as well as the gut microbiome to provide more targeted nutritional counseling. At GeneClinicX, she works with the team on extracting key nutritional insights from multimodal inputs, including wearable sensors, genetic data, connected devices, blood tests and microbiome data, to create very scalable yet highly personalized and actionable advice to individuals. Dr. Dharmatti sees food as therapy to be used as a tool to heal, cure and deliver happiness to every individual.


Dr. Nikhil Phadke

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Chief Scientific Officer

Nikhil is trained as a cell and molecular biologist, and runs one of the most respected hospitals in the country, in addition to being the Founder and Chief Scientist of the organization. After having been part of the founding team at a successful diagnostics company over a 13 year stint in the US, Nikhil has spent the last 15 years in India, coming up with innovative and affordable genetic and molecular diagnostic tests for genetic disorders, cancers and infectious diseases under the GenePath Diagnostics brand.

Nikhil’s focus at GeneClinicX is to ensure that we only offer clinically relevant and actionable solutions when it comes to genetic tests. As a world class geneticist and an ethical scientist, Nikhil gets upset to see genetic tests being offered by companies based on hype and pseudo-science; this guarantees that any tests we offer have been blessed by him. The best validation of his belief in real science to look after his health is that he is still often carded at pubs!