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Should I Eat This?

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Optimise your food and exercise habits for better long-term health

Is this program for me?

Do you ever wonder what impact your food, drink and exercise habits have on your blood glucose levels, your weight and your long-term metabolic health? For instance, did you know that dark chocolate works well for many people but not for everyone? Or that eating a spinach salad, or a shrimp or paneer curry before ice cream or some other dessert, allows many to handle their sweet tooth-related glucose spikes better? If you’re looking for a scientific, personalized, and data-driven approach to know what food works for you and what doesn’t, then this program is for you.

What will I get out of the program?

During this program you will experience a number of surprising “a ha” moments through the use of a continuous glucose monitor sensor (CGMS), combined with our GeneClinicX app. Together, they will identify foods that you might have expected would cause your glucose to spike, but don’t. Similarly, we will also point out foods that your body didn't respond well to. In addition, your personal Coach will share nutritional concepts and insights into how the combination of foods you choose and the sequence in which you consume them can positively impact the number and magnitude of your glucose spikes.

You will exit the two week program with clear and well defined conclusions about which foods are working for you and, for some of the ones that aren’t, minor modifications that you can implement to make it healthy for you to still consume them.

How does the program work?

You will need an NFC-enabled smartphone to scan your CGM sensor so that you can see your glucose response graphs in the GeneClinicX app.

If you don’t have an NFC-enabled smartphone, you may borrow one from us for the duration of your program. You will be required to deposit Rs. 5,000 which will be refunded when you return the Reader to us. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may buy a CGM Reader from us for Rs. 5,000 which you can then use every time you want to use a new CGM sensor.

Should you wish to either borrow or buy a CGM Reader from us, please contact us to arrange for the Reader as soon as you have completed registering for the program of your choice.

  • After you sign-up we’ll send you a CGMS and reader (to scan your data)
  • Complete your online Health Assessment Survey (HAS) and set-up your computer to send your CGMS data to us
  • Download the GeneClinicX app and begin logging your food and exercise activity
  • We’ll schedule blood tests at home to help establish your baseline lipid and other markers
  • Meet with your GeneClinicX appointed doctor twice to review your health and progress
  • You will self-install a CGMS for the 2 week duration of the program
  • Meet twice with your Coach, on or about Day 6 and Day 15 

Over a chat feature in the app and two online video calls with your personal Coach, a GeneClinicX- certified expert in diet and exercise, you will learn about the actionable insights from your data and get answers to any questions you may have about your body’s glucose response.