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Why are my regular blood tests not good enough?

When evaluating cardiovascular health, conventional blood tests may not always provide a comprehensive assessment. Evidence-based studies conducted by the international medical and scientific communities propose more relevant indicators for assessing your cardiovascular wellbeing. 

How is the Heart Health Assessment program different from other blood tests?

The GeneClinicX team of clinicians, fitness experts and nutritionists has created a comprehensive, multimodal assessment to capture the learnings from these evidence based studies. Our evaluation tests for key blood markers and incorporates your body composition parameters, if available, providing a comprehensive assessment of your cardiovascular health and your risk profile. We base our assessment of your overall risk, as well as the modifiable risks for cardiovascular disease, following standards established by bodies such as the Lipid Association of India and the National Lipid Association in the US.

Which biomarkers do you test for?

  1. Total Cholesterol
  2. Triglycerides
  3. LDL-Cholesterol
  4. HDL-Cholesterol
  5. Non-HDL-Cholesterol
  6. Apolipoprotein (B)
  7. Lipoprotein (a)
  8. C-Reactive Protein high sensitive (hs-CRP)
  9. Fasting Glucose
  10. Fasting Insulin
  11. HbA1c
  12. Homocysteine

How does the program work?

Step 1: Sign-up for the Program and complete your Health Assessment Survey (HAS)

Step 2: We will facilitate the blood sample collection through our partner lab

Step 3: Once collected, our partner lab will carry out the tests for the specified blood markers

Step 4: Receive our multi-modal analysis and assessment of your results via email

Step 5: Review your detailed GeneClinicX report. If required, message our various domain experts, via the app, with all your questions until they are answered to your satisfaction

What happens if my cardiovascular risk is high or my markers aren’t optimal?

Your Heart Health Assessment Report serves as a guide to your wellness path. Our expert doctors are available to help you understand the markers that matter and the risks they pose to you, and to answer any questions you may have. This provides the perfect starting point to pursue targeted lifestyle modifications for a long and quality healthspan - the period of your life during which you can perform at or close to your full potential. We recommend an easily actionable set of lifestyle modifications that you can sustainably incorporate into your daily life to improve your cardiovascular health and guide you towards one of our more holistic intervention programs, if you are interested.